Monthly and Annual Membership Options: Choose Your Amount

The different prices are not different "levels" of membership. They are like a sliding scale so you can choose an amount that is affordable and feels fair. All members receive the same basic benefits. Members who are trained and certified by a credible organization can also choose to be listed on the ANFT Worldwide Guide Locator Map. ANFT-trained guides have a few exclusive options, such as participating in the Trail Certification Consultant Programs.

  • $5.00 / month

    Regular Membership, Most Economical

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  • $90.00 / year

    Sliding Scale Choice

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  • $60.00 / year

    Regular Membership

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  • $8.00 / month

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  • $16.00 / month

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  • What is a business partner membership?

    This is for organizations and businesses that want to promote their offerings through the ANFT member portal. Benefits include mentions in the ANFT monthly newsletter, the ability to offer discount coupons and promote offerings through the guide portal, and more.

  • Why are there different monthly membership dues for a regular membership?

    We are currently giving those who join the Professional Guide Network a choice of several monthly dues. The lowest monthly price, $4.00, is about what you would pay for a cup of coffee... but you get so much more. If you can afford $5, $8, or $16 we think you'll find you get your money's worth.

upcoming courses for members

  • $325.00

    $325.00Alchemy of Forest Therapy

    Begins March 1, 2021. Eight weeks duration. An exciting new course presented by M. Amos Clifford. Please do NOT take this course if you are a guide in training. It will be offered again. ANFT Certified Guides use discount code "ANFTGuide" for 10% discount at checkout.
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